This is how do most of the farm land looks in California. Drought is serious… #drought #california #water

MISSING: PARENTS OF DAFFODIL JOHNSON  Young Daffodil (pictured) has not seen his parents since 6 p.m. yesterday evening, at which point they reportedly left him unattended as they entered the “Adult Bouncey Castle.” Bob and Cindy Johnson have previously been quoted stating, “We believe that our cub will become strong and fiercely independent when forced to grapple with the Earth Mother’s abundant challenges and wonders on his own.” What some would call negligence, they refer to as “free-range child rearing.” Daffodil was found crying in his stroller in the shade of a UFO-themed art car. Although he had no water bottle to combat the ninety nine degree heat, he was reportedly clutching a liquid vial dropper labeled, “Property of MOLLY.” Bob and Cindy are allegedly in their late thirties, severely Caucasian, and have multicolored hair. They were last seen wearing earth-toned, flowing robes and appeared to be elated. If you have any information regarding their whereabouts, please call or send a carrier falcon to the Burning Man Lost and Found Tent, where Daffodil is currently being held amongst an array of faux fur clothing items, scrap metal, drugs, goggles, deep house LPs, and other estranged humans.


Here we have Bethany Russo, a.k.a. Dread Eagle, a freshman Economics major from Cal State Chico, documented by a fellow sorority member partaking in her tribe’s sacred hazing ritual, The Delta Gamma Hamma. This customary act is cherished by Bethany and her sisters as “a deeply emotive and multigenerational tradition that represents the guiding light of the spirit of YOLO.” 

Some of the funniest shit I’ve ever read. And so true..
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By @baddiewinkle “nothing was the same” 

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